The ministry




A project for the reintroduction of Nature into everyday life

Naturministerium is an awareness and education project aimed at urbanized people who suffer from a lack of contact with the natural environment in their daily lives. Naturministerium is the ministry that works for the reintroduction of Nature in daily life, to help those who suffer the hectic and stressful contemporary life. The amendments of this fictitious ministry are aimed at finding creative solutions for all those physical and psychological problems related distance from Nature of modern man.

The vision of the Naturministerium foresees actions of sensitization, education and awareness through workshops, events and creative tools that invite people who are prisoners of their urbanized daily life to find their primordial contact with Nature: their biophilia1.

[1] The biophilia hypothesis also called BET suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

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