The ministry




The Naturminister – Who am I?

Behind every ministry there is a minister: My name is Francesco, I'm 26 years old and I'm a visual designer with a passion for ecological and social challenges. My mission is to communicate eco-social needs and generate solutions through projects involving people and communities. I aim to do this throug my master thesis in Eco-Social Design establishing a Ministry that is helping people to find their primordial contact with Nature in a fun way.

Together with my freelance designer job I offer activities in the Nature, talks and design actions trying to use my creative skills and mindset to educate adults and children in a playful but serious way. For me is very important to approach these topics with seriousness but irony as well. That is the reason why you may find ironic concepts and actions in the Naturministerium.

The concept of Naturministerium has been inspired by the project Ministerium für Glück und Wohlbefindenby Gina Schöler that I had the pleasure to get to know at Global Forum Südtirol. Following her example, I chose to call this project “Ministerium” in order to indicate a project that works for people and for the reintegration of Nature in their lives.

What do I do?

However, like almost every respectable Italian minister, I have no education about the topics I'm working with! I'm just a poor graphic designer who never studied topics related to Nature or the environment. This is the reason why I'm the right person for you! I'm the first user of the Naturministerium and therefore I know all the needs of a person suffering from Nature-Deficit Disorder.

My main motivation comes from the fact that I want to know, live, enjoy, experience Nature and the outdoors in ways I haven’t yet experienced, because I still have a lack of Nature in my life and I will, of course, regret it in the future if I don’t to it. Moreover, I know what does it mean to feel this lack and I would like to help whoever is in the situation I’ve been experiencing in the past.


As I mentioned, at the beginning of my journey I had no clue of what I was doing. I needed help (and I still need). Therefore, I have been collaborating for a long time with "nature experts" (educators, survival experts, sportsmen, etc.) who support me in my activities. Together with them I developed the activities, the exercises and the tools. Without them, Naturministerium would be only graphic design.

In particular I collaborated with: cooperativa sociale studio comune, Philipp Schraut, Mark Miller and the staff of the Mountain Social Media Detox, Diego Zarantonello and the staff of ÊTREFORT, Gruppo Scout "Gatti Skatenati", Verena Buono and CNGEI Sezione Bolzano, Riccardo Codevilla, Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ, Franka Deister, Anton Stahmer and many more...