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The activities and actions of the Ministerium

In addition to the tools, Naturministerium offers activities as workshops, talks and social interventions. They are aimed for groups, singular persons, schools and tourists. With these, participants get an overview of the topic of Nature-Deficit Disorder and through interactive and active actions they experience Nature more deeply in new ways.

[!!!] At the moment it is only possible to book workshops for groups. Any events will be communicated on the website.

Hands on activities and future events

Nature Amendment
Nature Amendment is a compact three-hour workshop for groups that aims to create in the participants a fairly long and direct experience in Nature. Within the Naturministerium it is inspired by constitutional amendments as it is a workshop that attempts to change the way of thinking of the participants (on the same line of amendments that are a modification of a text, especially normative). In a fictitious and utopian future, it could be an amendment, consisting of activities to be performed in the daily lives of the population, to be added to the constitution.
In particular, Nature Amendment focuses on the moment and on reflections after a real Nature experience.
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Nature Law
Nature Law aim is to create a personal Nature reintegration plan. Within the Naturministerium it is inspired by law proposals as it is a workshop in which participants attempt to create their own proposal of an action plan. Every participant will therefore create her/his own Nature Law to follow in order to reintegrate the natural world in their agenda.
In particular, Nature Law focuses on participants' awareness of their own limitations and needs. In addition, participants are invited to monitor their actions and changes in daily life, once their own Nature Law is enforced.
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Talks and interventions

Together with the hands-on activities I also offer presentations and talks about topics related to Nature-Deficit Disorder. I do this in an ironic way, in order to inform the public in a not-medical way, show the fun side of natural activities and to display the absurdity of contemporary society that needs a ministry to reintroduce Nature into people's lives.
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