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What is Naturministerium?

The mission of the Ministerium
Naturministerium mission is to explore different individual ways to re-connect people to Nature and outdoors, through a series of experiments that stimulates their inner biophilia, to be done in the daily routine. The main need is to inspire people to personal change and to create well being through outdoor active experience. The upshot of all this, aims to be a solution to the lack of Nature that characterizes people in the modern society and to raise awareness about the positive effects that activities in natural environments have on body and mind.

There is the need of increasing well being and psychological, physical, emotional and social health. It is possible to do this through a direct experience of outdoors.

The tools – How does Naturministerium work?
The vision of the Naturministerium foresees actions of sensitization, education and awareness through workshops, events/interventions and creative tools that invite people who are prisoners of their urbanized daily life to find their primordial contact with Nature. How to? Check the tools I offer or scroll down for more information.
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A project for fighting Nature-Deficit Disorder

What is Nature-Deficit Disorder?
Nature-Deficit Disorder1 is a term coined by the American author and journalist Richard Louv, that indicates the negative consequences for health and social relations as children move indoors, away from physical contact with the natural world. In fact, nowadays, people are spending so less time in the natural environment. However, this deficit is something that is affecting not only children, but adults as well. We are creating a distance between humans and Nature in our daily lives.
According to Guerra2, educational researcher and pedagogue, the fracture with the experience of Nature is due to the fact that favourable conditions in terms of space, time and possibilities are disappearing. The urban environment is less and less green and full of concrete; the way our society was built has mitigated or eliminated the natural need for movement; the cementification of the urban environment and its densification led to the disappearance of green areas. Moreover, cultural, structural and personal reasons are taking us away from Nature.

This deficit – that is still not recognized in any of the medical manuals for mental disorders – is obviously a problem that concerns that part of the population which is extraneous to the natural environment, victim of urbanization and of the frenetic pace of modern society. The Nature-Deficit Disorder can be found in the child who spends his time outside of school in front of a screen, as in the parent frightened of strangers, dirt and the possibility of her/his kid getting hurt, or in the restless worker who has no time (or desire) to experience Nature.
Several researches collected by the Children&Nature Network, have shown that children's low attendance of natural spaces can be a determining factor for the development of a series of disorders and difficulties such as attention deficit, anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, health problems related to obesity, circulation, movement coordination and more. In addition, there is an inability to manage risks, often due to parents confusing them with danger. The anxiety of error limits educational experiences and a society that rejects the possibility of error also rejects risk.

[1] Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder (Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2005).
[2] Monica Guerra, ed., FUORI. Suggestioni Nell’incontro Tra Educazione e Natura, 4th ed. (Milano: FrancoAngeli, 2015).

Ok but... How does this work?

The actions – What does the Naturministerium do?
The user – or participant – of Naturministerium can decide her/his personal path using the elements as he/she wants. There isn’t a specific and obligatory way: Naturministerium is about personal findings.
Naturministerium offers tools and activities. The tools are instruments that invite to experience the outdoors in a small amount of time, suggesting activities that don’t require particular effort. The user can decide whether to use only the tools or to participate in the activities organized by Naturministerium, in order to be initially supported - also through the use of the tools - and educated to the benefits and simplicity of natural experiences. Everything is enriched by events, talks and interventions that create awareness and invite to start the personal journey.
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The structure

Main themes of Naturministerium
"Oh wow, this Ministry is way more complex than normal italian politics!" Don't worry! I divided the actions of Naturministerium into easy and comprehensible themes. Thus, the participants can have a better overview of the project. These topics have been chosen analysing the whole process behind the creation of Naturministerium, trying to find a pattern in every interview, conversation, probe and research. Accordingly, some concepts were redundant and that are applicable to the proposed activities and workshops, in order to provide them with a solid basis for the resolution of problems related to the Nature-Deficit Disorder: Escaping the comfort zone, Natural movement and Creativity.

However, being mindful is what allows to deeply connect to Nature.

Escaping the comfort zone
Push your limits in order to get out of your comfort zone circle and stretch your learning zone (temporary discomfort).

Natural movement
Move your body and stimulate your mind.
Contribute to feel less hyperactive at the end of the day.

Nature has the power to increase our creativity.
Stimulate your mind and develop the ability to find easy solutions to everyday problems.

Future Vision

Naturministerium aims through its activities to bring various benefits to people. First of all, it relieves the stress of modern and urbanized society by reconnecting people to their natural environment. Utopically speaking, Naturministerium could be a project that, thanks to its approach to Nature, contributes not only to the psychophysical well-being of the individual, but also to the conservation of biodiversity.
The expected result is to educate and inspire participants to have more awareness of their daily life and more respect for Nature. Furthermore, it is expected that the Naturministerium project will succeed in establishing itself in the region and in begin known in such a way that it can offer further experiences and educate more and more citizens.
In the future, I want to push this project further. Wouldn't be a real and physical Naturministerium cool? If you want this ministry in the parliament, fund me! :P