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Nature-Lack emergency kit

A random activity every day
Whenever you feel stressed or a lack of creativity, Naturministerium has the tool for you. Nature-lack emergency kit is a set of more than 50 cards containing suggestions for easy activities to be done in a small time in a natural environment. In a frenetic society in which urbanites don't even have the time to breath, these suggestions offer you the possibility to have an unusual and healthy 5 to 20 minutes break.
The system is simple: whenever you need a break, shuffle the card set and pick a card. Try to follow the instructions and take notes of your findings. At the beginning it could be difficult, but the more you will use it, the easier will become... and the closer you'll get to Nature.
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Not convinced? Try it online!
If you're not convinced, you don't want to spend money to buy the deck or you simply want to try it before, you can do it here. You just need to click on the button below in order to get a random activity. Try to come back here every day and try as many as possible!
If you like it, you can buy the card set1 and use it with friends and colleagues.
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[1] Unfortunately, the physical card set is still work in progress. I need funds and a producer to print them. If you want a sample or if you want to help me make the card set tangible, write me!

Symbols legenda

What do these icons mean?
We've already seen the symbols of the main themes here.
But what do the other symbols mean? In every card you will find a set of different icons, symbolising the senses that are involved in the exercise, the theme they are related to and the difficulty level.
Under the description of the exercise you will find its possible positive effects!

Difficulty level 1 tree – Urbanite:
Very easy task. You can do it in 5 minutes only!

Difficulty level 2 trees – Nature lover:
It may require more time and effort. Nothing difficult.

Difficulty level 3 trees – Nature expert:
Take your time. It will require concentration!

Difficulty level 4 trees – Nature freak:
For crazy people only. You don’t need this anymore!

The 5 senses: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell and Taste.